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Hi, my name is Luis! You have somehow managed to stumble onto OreoLife. I don’t know about you, but I love everything Oreo and like to get my hands on as many Oreo products as possible. Anything with Oreo cookies, whether it looks appetizing or not, I would love to try it.

OreoLife was started with the intention to try different Oreo desserts and snacks, along with the cookies themselves. Living in Southern California, there are many local eateries that offer Oreo products and I would like to try them all. I will write about all thing Oreo with the intention of sharing it with others who love Oreo like I do. I hope you enjoy them. The goal is to frequently update OreoLife with content, not only for my entertainment, but for your’s as well. So if you have any recommendations, please contact me at info@oreolife.com or any of the social networks to right->

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I thank you for visiting OreoLife.

-Luis Jimenez

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