Nabisco released their newest Oreo flavor earlier this week. The new flavor was none other than the Swedish Fish Oreo.  I was surprised to hear about these Oreos when they were first announced. When I first saw the photograph of the box, I actually believed them to be fake.

My expectations before trying these were not that high. I was comparing them to the previously released Fruit Punch Oreos and expecting them to be just as bad as, if not worse.

The new Swedish Fish Oreo was not as bad as I thought it would be. Meriting a 3 out of 5 score from me. After the first bite, the Swedish Fish Oreo did not seem to be so bad, but what really knocked its score down was the cherry medicine-like aftertaste. Overall, I would not recommend these Oreo cookies, but if you want to give them a go, they are at least mediocre at best.