Oreo Thin cookies were released in three different classic flavors: Original, Golden, and Mint. Below is my review and impressions on all three of the Oreo thins.

The Oreo Thins are thinner versions of the original size cookies, but with less creme and less cookie. They tend to be crisper overall and are definitely not meant to be split open and dipped in milk.

Overall, you get less cookie for your money, but if you are trying to cut down on your calorie intake, this could well do the job. As long as you don’t continuously eat more of these Oreos, which is very likely from my experience.

Between these three cookies, the mint flavored Oreo thins were the best, becoming one of my favorite Oreo cookies around.

Thin Oreos

The original Oreo Thins: 4 out of 5

Golden Oreo Thins

The Golden Oreo Thins:  out of 5

mint oreo thins

The Mint Oreo Thins: 5 out of 5