After a couple weeks of searching the stores of Southern California, I have finally found the Fruity Crisp Oreos. They were released on June 1st, but were mostly sighted on the East coast at regional stores like Winn Dixie and Wegmans, both of which I had never heard of.

I actually found these cookies to be good. The creme is one of the best I have ever tried and I am usually not the biggest fan of the creme. The vanilla wafer is what knocks the cookie down in my opinion, it has a stronger taste than the creme and it also gives the Oreo a strange citrus aftertaste.

Overall, I would give the cookies a score of 4 out of 5. That’s mainly my opinion. After conversations with others about this cookie, I have mostly heard mixed reviews. In large part this is due to both the cookie and the strange citrus-like aftertaste.

I found these cookies at a Stater Bros in Riverside, CA. I have only heard of them being spotted at local or regional chains, so I would recommend starting there if you are looking for them. Either way, good luck searching for them!