As previously described in another post, the Blueberry Pie Oreo cookies were released on June 6th and are exclusively found at Target stores.

Here is my Blueberry Pie Oreo Review:

As the thumbnail states, these Oreos are Amazing! Although not as amazing as some of my favorite Oreo flavors, it still ranks up there.

The cookie itself is the graham cracker cookie that has been previously used in other flavors and it fits the blueberry fruit flavor of the creme better than any other cookie could have. The blueberry creme is easily lickable and has the blue-purple color you would expect blueberry to have.

Overall, the cookie is amazing. Easily better than the previous Oreo I tried, but not at the level of the Original or Mint flavors. Because I can’t give this cookie as high of a score over those cookies, I will give the Blueberry Oreo a 4 out of 5.