I found myself waking up to look for these S’mores Oreo cookies that were to be released last week. The first place I found myself was Target, the usual site for finding limited release Oreo cookies. Unfortunately, they did not have any. Not even in the expected seasonal section. I then made my way down to a WalMart Neighborhood Market, where it took me a while to spot. After a bit of searching, I managed to find them among all the other Oreo cookies. But enough about locating the S’mores Oreos, the question is, are they any good?


The S’mores Oreo cookie this time around has a unique cookie. Similar to the Red Velvet Oreos, Nabisco decided to change the cookie from the usual chocolate or vanilla to a graham cracker flavored cookie. The cookie is slightly darker than the vanilla but hardly noticeable.

S'more filling

S’more Oreos nicely packaged

This time around the Oreo comes with a dual flavored creme. The creme is half marshmallow and half chocolate. The creme for the most part are on top of each other and appear to be evenly split. As far as twisting is concerned, the s’mores Oreo is nicely twisted in half with almost all of the creme on one of the cookie pieces.

Smores twist

Marshmallow and Chocolate creme


The box of s’mores Oreo cookies doesn’t have as strong of a smell as I was thinking it would have. The graham cookie smell is faint and barely noticeable, with the creme leaning slightly towards a chocolate smell.


Lastly and most importantly was the taste of these S’mores Oreos. Ideally you would want these to taste like s’mores, since they pretty much look like s’mores. I believe this is one of the better ideas for a cookie flavor that Oreo has had. As far as the actual taste of this Oreo, the marshmallow and chocolate creme are spot on. These fit together quite nicely. I was slightly disappointed by the taste of the graham flavored cookies. I would have like them to have a stronger graham cracker flavor. I felt like it could have improved a bit, but it is understandable that Nabisco may not have wanted these Oreo cookies to overpower the flavor of the creme, since the creme takes up less space between the crackers than what a marshmallow and a piece of chocolate would take in a s’more.


The S’mores Oreo cookies were definitely a good cookie. The creme was spot on, and the smell was just about right. The only thing that could have improved was the graham cracker cookie, but even then, it was pretty good. This is one of those Oreos that would be great if it came in a Double Stuf or Mega stuf version. I would definitely recommend this Oreo for others to try, especially if you like marshmallows or s’mores.


I would give the S’mores Oreos a 4 out 5. Close to amazing, but just missing a little bit more.

S'mores Oreos

The Limited Edition S’mores Oreos