Along with last weeks post on the Japanese Soft Oreo Cookie, I also bought Oreo strawberry chocolate bars at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa, California. These are Oreo chocolate bars and are unlike other Oreo products I see that are commercially available. In this case, this chocolate bar is actually produced and made by Oreo, as opposed to another chocolate company using Oreo bits in their bars.

Oreo Strawberry Chocolate bar

Individually packed Oreo strawberry chocolate bars outside of bag


When first opening the red bag, the only way you can determine that the bar is strawberry flavored (if you don’t know Japanese) is through the picture on the bag. Once open, each of the strawberry chocolate bars were individually packed in bags, making them easy to store and determine serving size.

Oreo Strawberry Chocolate barOreo Strawberry Chocolate bar

The Oreo strawberry chocolate bar was a mini size relative to the average chocolate bars you can buy in American stores. These things are bite size, which is great, but their appearance isn’t very appetizing.

Oreo strawberry chocolate bar

Oreo strawberry chocolate bar appearance


These strawberry chocolate bars of course smell like a mixture of strawberry and chocolate, which is no surprise. The strawberry smell is slightly stronger than the chocolate, but overall the smell was not overly sweet.


These Oreo strawberry chocolate bars do have a strawberry chocolate taste. One bite into it, you can appreciate the fact that they keep the sweetness that is expected from the chocolate, but it isn’t overpowering. I actually prefer when these chocolate bars aren’t as sweet, but you can blame that on my ever increasing age. They are crunchy, likely caused by a wafer bar inside. This reminds me most of a Twix bar. My only complaint about this Oreo chocolate bar is that it does not taste like an Oreo cookie, just a normal chocolate bar. It is a good chocolate bar, but just by taste alone, you wouldn’t think of Oreo cookies.

Oreo Strawberry Chocolate bar

Individually wrapped chocolate bar


The Oreo strawberry chocolate bars were very good for what they were, wafer chocolate bars with a strawberry taste. Unfortunately, these don’t have a taste reminiscent of Oreo chocolate. If you are a fan of chocolate covered wafers you would definitely enjoy these bars. Same goes for anyone who enjoys strawberries with chocolate.

Oreo Strawberry Chocolate bar

For anyone wanting to know, I found these chocolate bars at Mitsuwa Marketplace, where you can find many Japanese products.

Mitsuwa Marketplace

665 Paularino Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626