I recently found myself in the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa, California. This marketplace is one of the largest chains of Japanese markets in the United States and has quite a few locations in Southern California, with other locations found in San Jose, Chicago, and Edgewater (New Jersey). Mitsuwa offers a slice of Japan, here in the US, with a grocery store, a few Japanese restaurants, and some shops selling Japanese merchandise.

Japanese Oreo

Japanese Oreo cookies and snacks I bought at Mitsuwa Marketplace

Anyway, getting back to Oreo. While visiting Mitsuwa Marketplace, I bought quite a few Japanese Oreo cookies. I haven’t had time to try all of them, but I did start with an Oreo Soft Cookie.

Oreo Soft CookieOreo Soft Cookie


When first buying these cookies, you will notice they come in a bag and don’t seem to have any plastic tray in which the cookies are placed. As I first opened the cookies, I was not expecting them to be individually wrapped in the bag, but without the tray, it would make sense. This also helps with controlling the serving size.

Oreo Soft Cookie

Individually wrapped Oreo soft cookies

As for the soft cookie Oreo, it has a look similar to the Oreo cakesters introduced a few years ago. They look great, even though they weren’t exactly what I was expecting. Because they were soft cookies, they would be difficult to split the cookie apart. My only attempt at this resulted in the entire cookie breaking into two pieces.

Oreo Soft Cookie


The smell of these soft Oreo cookies was different than normal cookies. Outside of the aluminum wrapper, they had a very chocolatey smell. The strong chocolate smell easily masked any smell that the cream would have given off.


The taste of the cookie was also mostly chocolate. The cookie itself wasn’t as sweet as I would have expected from Oreo, but it actually was good choice to not go to sweet on these soft cookies. When biting into the cookie, the cookie does tend to break into crumbs, but again the cream flavor is mostly masked by the chocolate.

Oreo Soft Cookie


Overall, the Oreo Soft cookie was not what I was expecting from an Oreo “cookie”, but it tasted great and had a strong chocolate flavor. I would definitely recommend the Japanese Oreo Soft Cookies to fans of Oreo. If you can’t get a hold of these soft cookies from Mitsuwa Marketplace, you should be able to buy them through eBay vendors, if you don’t plan on visiting Japan any time soon.