Today I want to highlight Snow Monster’s Colombian coffee and Oreo ice cream as well as their chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo inside of it. To start off, I placed an order for these two as an ice cream sandwich. On the plus side, both of these desserts had Oreo cookies in them. Why not knock off two birds with one stone?


Snow Monster Ice Cream Sandwich Presentation

Presentation of the Snow Monster Ice Cream Sandwich


The Colombian coffee with Oreo ice cream wedged between the chocolate chip cookies look amazing. The dessert looks very appetizing with a great presentation. The only weird thing, which I consider a compliment, is how large the scoop of ice cream is in the “sandwich”, making it difficult to bite into. I definitely did not mind, it’s never a bad thing to get more ice cream. The ice cream had nice good chunks of Oreo clearly visible. The chocolate chip cookie had a bump in the center, clearly showing where the Oreo cookie is located.

Oreo in Chocolate chip cookie

Oreo cookie is found in the Chocolate chip cookie


The ice cream has a rich coffee smell, but of course the smell of the Oreo is indistinguishable. The chocolate chip cookie was nice and warm with a very pleasant chocolate chip smell. It smelled freshly baked and had no giveaway that an Oreo was inside of it, smell-wise.


The coffee ice cream with Oreo was easily the best part of this combination. It had a creamy and strong coffee taste that was also improved by the small Oreo chunks in the ice cream. You can never go wrong with coffee and Oreo. As for the chocolate chip cookie with the Oreo, the center of the cookie where the Oreo was located tasted amazing, adding a bit of a crunch to the soft cookie. Unfortunately, the outer edge was very doughy. The soft “doughiness” with a lack of chocolate chips wasn’t too great.

Chocolate chip with Oreo

Chocolate chip cookie with the Oreo inside


The chocolate chip cookie with the Oreo was a bust because of the overpowering dough and lack of actual chocolate chips along the edge of the cookie. The center of the cookie, where the Oreo was, made up for it though. The ice cream had a balanced blend of coffee and Oreo flavor that complemented each other well. The sandwich combination of the ice cream and the chocolate chip cookie was very good and I would highly recommend trying it. However, I will likely pass on the chocolate chip cookie with Oreo next time though, in favor of some of their macarons.

You can find the Snow Monster I visited in Westminster, CA


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Other Snow Monster Locations can be found in Huntington Beach, CA and Irvine, CA

Snow Monster Ice cream sandwich

Snow Monster Coffee Oreo Ice cream sandwich with Chocolate Chip Oreo