I recently visited an ice cream shop in Riverside, California named La Michoacana. While there I was able to try their Paleta de Oreo, or Oreo Popsicle. This is a cream based popsicle or paleta de crema.

Paleta de Oreo

Paleta de Oreo (Oreo Popsicle) in its wrapper


The popsicle had white cream as the main makeup (which reminds of vanilla ice cream), with  four Oreo cookies around the outer edge of the popsicle. These cookies were facing outward and made it look like a larger ice cream sandwich, but with the individual Oreo cookies. This popsicle was not what I was originally expecting appearance wise. It was nice to see this paleta de Oreo with actual full Oreo cookies as opposed to the expected Oreo crumbs or pieces.


The popsicle did have a cookies and cream smell. The smell wasn’t too strong, but very appetizing. Even though the smell wasn’t strong, the most prominent smell in this paleta de Oreo was the chocolate Oreo cookies.


The white portion of the popsicle was vanilla based and was creamy like ice cream. The Oreo cookies are what you would normally see in ice cream sandwiches, with a very distinct chocolate taste. La paleta de Oreo was a very soft popsicle, like you would expect from a paleta de crema, or cream popsicle. It was very reminiscent of an ice cream sandwich, and was very good. I didn’t know what to expect in taste going in, but I was very pleased with the popsicle.

Oreo cookies on both sides

Two Oreo cookies on both sides


This paleta de Oreo is a very good popsicle, and has a good ice cream sandwich like taste. In fact, the stick is probably not necessary, but I guess it prevents you from getting your hands sticky and melting the popsicle. I would definitely recommend trying this paleta de Oreo, if just for the appearance alone. As a warning, because their ice cream and popsicle products are great, the wait at La Michoacana can be fairly long. Patience is also recommended.


You can find La Michoacana at 3961 Chicago Ave Riverside, CA 92507

Here is their Yelp

Paleta de Oreo

Paleta de Oreo sideways with two cookies visible