On my trip to DK’s Donuts in Orange, I also couldn’t help myself to the Oreo Eclair. If you haven’t tried an Oreo Eclair donut, make your way out here and try this. Here is what I think of DK’s Oreo Eclair.


Oreo Eclair from DK's Donuts Orange

Oreo Eclair from DK’s Donuts of Orange

Chocolate bar donut cut down the center with whipped cream inside and topped with Oreo crumbs.


Because it is a chocolate bar donut first, the obvious smell is the chocolate and dough. Oreo cookie crumbs are impossible to smell over the chocolate.


Cream overpowers Oreo crumbs easily in the center filling. You can’t even taste the Oreos. The chocolate taste complements the cream filling well, almost making the donut very Oreo like; a mixture of the chocolate and whipped cream.


The Oreo Eclair at DK’s donuts has a very good taste with the chocolate and whipped cream. If you are here for the Oreo cookie bits, like me, you will be disappointed about the lack of Oreo in the taste, only adding a bit of texture to the whipped cream.

Side view of Oreo Eclair

Side view of Oreo Eclair

To find out more about the place where I found this donut visit:

DK’s Donuts of Orange

3744 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869

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