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The New Red Velvet Oreo Review

Red Velvet Oreo

Red Velvet Oreo Cookies

The newest Oreo cookie released by Nabisco, the Red Velvet Oreo, has finally made its way into my hands by way of a friend.


Upon first seeing the Red Velvet Oreo, I noticed this is the first time the actual cookie has been changed from the usual chocolate wafer or vanilla wafer cookies. The cookie itself does have a reddish tint to go along with the cream cheese interior, making it distinctly red velvety (if that is even a word). The softer cream cheese interior did give me fear of the cookie not being readily twistable, but thankfully this was not the case, the cookie easily splits cleanly into two halves without the cream breaking apart.


Initially opening the bag of Red Velvet Oreos gives that distinct cream cheese smell. It is a relatively strong and unappetizing smell, but that is coming from a person who isn’t the biggest fan of the cream cheese smell.


Lastly and most important, the taste. The cream cheese filling definitely has an overpowering taste relative to the cookie. If you are big a fan of cream cheese, you will definitely enjoy this. As for the Oreo cookie, it definitely has a different taste than the previous two cookies mentioned, but in this case, the cookie ends up tasting just bland. The red velvet cookie wafer and the cream cheese filling are good complements to each other, but the overpowering cream taste, may not suit some.


Overall, the Red Velvet Oreo cookie is just an okay cookie. If you are in the mood for red velvet or cream cheese taste, I wouldn’t mind eating a few of these Oreos, but why would I choose these when I can easily pick of a red velvet cupcake. If you are a fan of red velvet, you may appreciate these cookies a little more. As for me, these are just average cookies that I probably would pass on if given other options.

3 out of 5 (okay)

Red Velvet Oreo

Red Velvet Oreo Cookies


  1. Passes the lick test in style. Agree that the cookie is kinda bland. They disappeared in ~1 day in my lab…I say 4/5.

    • Luis Jimenez

      Although I found these Oreos somewhat okay, everyone else in lab liked them. They also disappeared in about 1 day here too.

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