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Red Velvet Donut with Oreo from DK’s

Red Velvet Donut with Oreo

Red Velvet Donut with Oreo from DK's Donuts of Orange

I recently had some time to travel to some places in Orange County to try different desserts with Oreos. The first place I headed to was DK’s Donuts of Orange to try a few of their donuts with Oreo cookies. To start off my first review, I chose the Red Velvet Donut topped off with half an Oreo.


What is interesting about this donut, is the reminder that Nabisco and Oreo recently released their version of a Red Velvet Oreo. But in this case, the red velvet donut is complemented by whip cream and a regular Oreo.



This donut has a very subtle red velvet smell. You can hardly smell it at all, but it is what you would expect from red velvet.


The taste is not what you would expect. The red velvet donut had a lack of bold flavor. It had a slight red velvet taste and wasn’t too sweet. The glaze on top provided its sweetness.

When biting into both the donut and the Oreo at the same time, you get a crunchier bite, as you would expect. The Oreo also added a more chocolatey flavor to the donut itself, which tasted pretty good in combination with the sweetness of the glaze.

To all donut and Oreo lovers out there, I would definitely try this donut. If red velvet isn’t for you, there are other Oreo donuts at DK’s that you can definitely enjoy. I’ll get to those soon, but you can check them out below.

DK’s Donuts of Orange

3744 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869

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Another angle of the red velvet donut

If you have your own opinions on DK’s red velvet donuts with Oreo please let us know.

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