The original Oreo cookie, no better way to kick of the start of this website than to first review this fine cookie.


The Oreo looks amazing. Twisting the Oreo causes a clean break, allowing you to lick off the cream prior to dunking the cookie into milk. If you aren’t a creme person yourself, this Oreo has the perfect ratio of creme to cookie.


Oreos have a very distinctive smell determined by both the chocolate cookie wafer and the creme filling. This smell is memorable and at this point ordinary and a standard to be set for other Oreos.


The most important thing when considering any cookie, let alone Oreo cookies, is the taste. In this case, Oreo and Nabisco have perfected the taste ratio of the chocolate wafer to the sweet cream. The taste of these cookies brings me back to a simpler time, as the taste of the original Oreo has yet to change over my lifetime, and Nabisco should keep it that way.

The cookie wafer itself has a very recognizable taste, now found in many products. The wafer also has a perfect crunch that compliments the cream.

The cream, also has a very recognizable taste and is perfectly separated from the cookie when twisting and is easily “lickable”. Both cookie and and cream in an Oreo compliment each other and are just a good compliments to milk, whether you’re a dunker or not.


This is the original Oreo. This is the perfect cookie and sets the standard for all future Oreo cookies. There’s a reason Oreo is milk’s favorite cookie.

out of 5 (Amazing)