If you haven’t heard already, Downtown Disney churro carts have started offering Oreo churros. When I first heard about this I just wanted to try them as soon as possible. Who doesn’t love Oreos and who doesn’t love churros? Let’s just combine them and make a delicious product. But does the Oreo churro really live up to the hype?


First, the Oreo churro is kind of small, relative to the other churros sold at these carts, almost half the size of the other churros. It looks like two churros wrapped around each other, in a double twist shape. When I initially thought of what an Oreo churro would look like, I was expecting a chocolate churro with a creamy center. Unfortunately, I was wrong. This churro comes with a frosting dip to give it the cream taste. On top of that, the churro is also coated in white powdered sugar, which doesn’t make it seem as appetizing.


The Oreo churro does have a pretty good chocolate smell, as well as a sugary smell. The smell just wants to me bite into the churro right away, after all who doesn’t love chocolate. The cream dipping cup has a pretty good smell which is similar to the cream filling of an actual Oreo, but unfortunately isn’t as strong as the chocolate based churro itself.


I was really looking forward to trying this Oreo churro for the first time. Unfortunately, I was truly disappointed by the taste of these churros. The chocolate taste was pretty good, but when combined with the cream, I was sorely disappointed. The chocolate greatly overpowers the cream and even if you want to increase the amount of cream on the Oreo, you are limited to the small dipping cup. Both the chocolate churro and the cream taste great individually, but have a lackluster Oreo taste when combined together.


The Oreo churros being sold in Downtown Disney are great novelty churros to try out for the first time, but in the end they are just okay churros. I would easily take a regular churro over these Oreo churros. On the other hand, if you enjoy chocolate, you may enjoy the churro better just by itself without the cream dip combination.

Score: 3 out of 5 (okay, meh)

Oreo churro and dipping cup

The Oreo churros with dipping cup