I consider the Mint creme Oreo Cookies a classic, similar to the original Oreo. Another perfect Oreo cookie I can use to catch up on my Oreo cookie reviews.


Let’s start off with the appearance of this mint creme Oreo. This Oreo looks great and appetizing! The green cream looks incredible crammed in-between the two chocolate wafers. The Oreo cookie cleanly breaks apart from the creme when twisting it, which is what you want to see in a top quality Oreo. I have only one negative comment which is, when looking at stacks of mint creme Oreo cookies there is an uneven quality of the cream in-between the cookies. By this, I mean the cream tends to be thicker on some parts of the Oreo and leaves the top chocolate wafer leaning to one side when placing an Oreo on a flat, even table.


These Oreos smell amazing! They definitely smell like mint with that mixture of chocolate that you expect to smell in other cookies like thin mints. This makes the cookie very appetizing.


Lastly and the most important part of any Oreo is the taste. Mint creme Oreo cookies have a very refreshing taste. These cookies have a good mixture of the mint and the chocolate wafers, with neither of those tastes overpowering each other. The cream itself is mint flavored and although has a very distinct mint smell, it goes great with the chocolate wafer that you expect to see in Oreos. The aftertaste caused by this mint is also an enjoyable taste.


Overall, the mint creme Oreo cookie is a great cookie with a smooth tasting cream. It is easily one the best Oreo cookies around. It is no wonder these cookies have been around for a long time. I would easily recommend these Mint creme Oreo cookies, especially if you are a fan of the original Oreo.

Score: 5 out of 5 (Amazing!)

Mint creme Oreo

Mint creme Oreo