I recently was able to try the Dirt Cake Lunchables with Oreo crumbs, from Oscar Mayer. These are small snacks made by Oscar Mayer that contain Oreo cookie crumbs, Chocolate flavored frosting, and gummy worms.


The Dirt Cake packing is nicely laid out. The gummy worms, the chocolate frosting, and the Oreo crumbs all have their proper order in the container. This gives it an easy assembly line feel. You grab a worm, dunk it in the chocolate frosting, and then finish it off in the Oreo crumbs. What I truly appreciate about these Oreo covered worms is that they actually resemble a worm covered in mud/dirt.

Dirt Cake with Oreo crumbs

The worms, frosting, and Oreo crumbs neatly arranged


The gummy worms tend to overpower the frosting or the Oreo crumbs in this snack. The Oreo crumb smell is indistinguishable from the gummy and frosting smell altogether.


Most importantly, when biting into these Oreo crumb covered gummy worms, you initially taste the Oreos. Rapidly the Oreo taste is overpowered by the gummy worm, making you think if the Oreo cookie is actually a necessary part of this snack.


If you are trying Dirt Cake Lunchables just for the Oreos, like myself, I would not recommend it. But if you enjoy gummy worms, you will also enjoy this snack. This product would likely be very enjoyable for kids, as they get to make and eat these “dirt” covered “worms”

As far as a real Oreo snack goes, I wouldn’t bother trying it.

Dirt Cake for Valentines

Special Valentine’s day Dirt Cake